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The US Nanny Association unites nannies and childcare professionals, working to promote resources, information, tools and opportunities that elevate our community.
We advocate for each other, share our challenges and triumphs and gain a competitive advantage as active, informed members of the childcare industry.

Leading busy lives, we can depend on the Association to share industry trends and provide support through resources that advances in childcare and teaching methodologies.


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Together, we elevate each other and the nanny industry.

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All members (parents, nannies and businesses) agree to follow industry standards for professionalism and adhere to the US Nanny Association Code of Conduct.

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Adding the US Nanny Association member logo to your job post, resume, LinkedIn profile and nanny portfolio positively differentiates you from other jobs and/or nanny candidates.

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You can access over 100+ on-demand resources in our digital library to advance your parenting skills and/or nanny career. Employment resources are available to help parents, nannies and agency owners.

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Meeting others in our industry including nannies, parents, newborn and infant care specialists, au pairs, daycare staff, doulas, sitters, family assistants, household managers and many others.

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Support Nanny Career Advancement

US Nanny Association resources help nannies earn and maintain the highest credentials in our industry. You will have access to inside information and advanced training opportunities.

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The US Nanny Association is a platform designed for experts to share their knowledge and experiences to help others. Members can author articles, share information videos and promote services.

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Individual Member

Individual US Nanny Association members include nannies, newborn and infant specialists, au pairs, doulas, night nannies, certified childcare associations, certified childcare professionals, family assistants, household managers, nanny employers, nanny agency owners, babysitters, and others in the childcare industry. 


Member only access to the digital library with 100+ webinars and resources


Member-only access to events with childcare & industry experts


Add the US Nanny Association individual member logo to your resume


Print a Certificate of membership for your employment portfolio


Discounts to attend the annual Parent and Nanny Conference


Discounts on child care training and nanny services


Discounts on background checks

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Business or Organization Member

Business and organization members include nanny agencies, educational institutions, employment platforms, product manufacturers and distributors and other service providers. We welcome businesses and organizations that support or provide goods and services to the those in our childcare community.


Business name and logo with a link on the US Nanny Association website


Business name and logo included in at least 1 email or newsletter


Business name and logo included in at least 1 social media post


Add the US Nanny Association organization member logo to your website and marketing materials


Offer discount codes to US Nanny Association members for products or services


Promote your expertise by contributing webinars and articles


Includes individual membership benefits

All members must read and agree to the US Nanny Association Code of Conduct. Memberships are valid for one year. Membership does not certify, approve, accept, sanction, credential, accredit, endorse, license, or authorize a person or business in any way. US Nanny Association membership will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the US or any other country nor will it help companies gain a visa or immigration for their nannies to another country. The US Nanny Association reserves the right, in its sole, exclusive and absolute discretion, to deny membership to any applicant. Membership fees are non-refundable.

What's in the Digital Library for our Members?

Discover the US Nanny Association. Individual and business memberships include the digital library which has over 150 webinars, articles and eBooks on childcare, employment, safety, leadership and more. Here's a preview of our digital library content.

Hiring a Nanny?

Understanding Nanny Employment

Tom Breedlove and Chelsea Mills of Homepay provide an expert review of nanny employment and the coronavirus benefits for domestic employees.

Nanny Contract and Work Agreements

Nanny contracts and newborn care work agreements can help parents and nannies discuss and align on job duties and compensation. This video goes through a 14-page example that you can download and modify. No name or email is required to download the example nanny contract.

Helping Families Find a Nanny Part 1

Rebecca Pearcy, owner of Windsor House Nannies and Stephanie McGraw, a parent who hires au pairs share their experiences to help families with practical tips and nanny industry insights.

Helping Families Work with Nanny Agencies

Rebecca Pearcy (Windsor House Nannies) and Stephanie McGraw (USNA Director of Ethics) discusses how parents can work with nanny agencies and au pair agencies to find the best childcare for their family.

Vetting Nanny Candidates

Rosalind Prather, Co-Founder of Trusting Connections Nanny Agency, and Rebecca Pearcy, Co-Founder of Windsor House Nannies discuss safety tips for families hiring a nanny and for nannies looking for a new position.

Medical Benefits for Nannies

Patrick DiFiore of GTM Payroll Services discusses the types of medical benefits that families can offer to their nanny and other household employees. Hosted by Rebecca Pearcy.

Seeking a Nanny Job?

Modernize Your Nanny Resume

Update and modernize your nanny resume. This guide reviews traditional and visual resumes, providing examples to help you enhance your resume and find the right childcare job.

Nanny Professionalism & Job Search Tips

Angela Johnson of Ask the Nanny chats with Glenda Propst of Successful Transitions about professionalism, nanny resumes, and working in childcare.

Mock Interviews with Parents and Nannies

Watch as 3 parents (Stephanie, Rachel and Myrna) ask 3 nannies (Martha, Patsy, and Carrie) interview questions and then discuss what was answered well and how nannies can improve.

Nanny Job Search Success

Emily Louange of Via The Village shares employment data and tips to help you with your nanny job search.

Agencies Supporting Nannies

Rebecca Pearcy of Windsor House Nannies and Joanna Briese of Joanna’s Nannies discuss what they do to support the nannies either represented or employed with their agency.

Successful Transitions

Glenda Propst of Nanny Transitions and Rebecca Pearcy discuss how to successfully navigate the end of a nanny and family employment arrangement.

En español

Disciplina Positiva

Este Disciplina Positiva by Tony Orozco.

La importancia de la Inteligencia Emocional.

Coach ejecutiva y Coach de vida Rosamary Rodriguez Piana nos platica sobre que es inteligencia emocional y el impacto que crea en nuestro desarrolllo profesional de Nannny.

Estimulación sensorial en niños en edad preescolar

La Dra. Margarita Marichal nos platica sobre la importancia de la estimulación sensorial en niños de edad preescolar y nos da herramientas para desarrollar proyectos con los niños/niñas.

Hablemos de RIE y Pikler USA

Elsa Chain, Presidenta de Pikler/Lóczy USA junto a Fanny Zamarripa fundadora del grupo Respectful Nanny nos platican atravez de una muy emotiva entrevista lo que la pedagogía de RIE y Pikler ha transformado sus vidas personales y profesionales. Nos invitan y motivan a cada una de nosotras a transformarnos también , esto por medio de la educación.

Niños pequeños emociones grandes

Dra. Fermina Liza Román, nos invita a participar en la 2a Conferencia Anual. Niños pequeños emociones grandes es el titulo del tema que ella nos presentara en su webinar.

Alimentos Sólidos Para Bebés

Lic. Ana Alejandra Guzmán nos habla de cómo iniciar con alimentos sólidos en los bebés y cuáles son los más recomendados y métodos para hacer esta transición.

Raising Good Kids and Child Development

Building Resiliency in Extraordinary Times

Shawna Boomgaard, LMSW, ACTP, Ed.S., and host Rebecca Pearcy discuss the effects that trauma can have on a child and the family and how you can build resilience./

Positive Discipline

Julietta Skoog is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer with an Ed.S Degree in School Psychology and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. She is sharing tips tonight on routines, positive discipline and how parents and nannies can support kids.

Baby Sign Language

Baby Signs and how to use it with Tina Cavanaugh, a Certified Baby Signs® Instructor and On the Grow™ Educator with host Rebecca Pearcy.

STEM Nature Activities for Toddlers

Allison McDonald, (No Time For Flash Cards) shares her ideas with Rebecca Pearcy, for STEM activities when exploring nature with toddlers.

Writing Experiences for PreSchoolers

should we focus on writing during the preschool years? Dr. Laura Bailet shares all!

Leadership and Self Care

Why Does She Wear a Hijab? Why is Her Hair Kinky?

Jocelyn Jones discusses why cultural relativism and social identity theory is important to use when engaging with parents and children.

Leadership Development: Is It You or Me?

Lawrence Henderson, Leadership Coach discusses accountability and ownership - two of the most important elements fueling truly successful people.

Why is Self Care Important?

Are you stressed, feeling burnt out, and exhausted? Alexaraye Vallejo (Mindful Care Collective) shares her insight on self-care and being mindful.

Built on a Solid Foundation

Lawrence Henderson, Leadership Coach shares, "Built on a Solid Foundation". The saying goes if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. That's why I believe understanding what your set of Core Values are will help you navigate not only life, but relationships, and provide purpose to everything you do.

Self Care for Parents

Whitney Casares, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P., published author and creator of Modern Mommy Doc, discusses with Rebecca Pearcy why it is important and how parents can practice self-care.

Leading from the Inside Out

Lawrence Henderson, Leadership Coach. Leading from the Inside Out shares how to harness your power and gain the footing you need to be successful! Lawrence is a leadership coach who teaches self-awareness, professional development and leadership.

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Nanny’s Guide to Productivity

Nanny’s Guide to Productivity

  Mastering Time Management: Achieving Productivity and Balance   As a nanny, you play a crucial role in a child's growth and well-being. But being a nanny involves juggling various responsibilities and requires exceptional time management skills. Let’s...

5 Senses of Stress Reduction

5 Senses of Stress Reduction

    Soothe Away Chronic Stress and Pain with Brain-Friendly Remedies                 “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”...