Childcare Training


Nanny and Childcare Training

The US Nanny Association actively supports educational and training programs that enhance childcare skills, promote professional growth and delivery quality programs that align with the published national nanny standards.

Pick a Reputable Training Program

There are a lot of childcare classes and programs available so you can pick the right fit for your career goals and learning style. All classes and programs should provide a certificate of attendance or completion, a certification or an official transcript.
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1. What are your goals? Are you starting your nanny career or gaining specialized childcare skills? How much time do you want to invest in training? What is your budget?

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2. What type of school do you need? Do you want to take a class or two, complete a certification program or invest in a CDA or Bachelor’s degree?

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3. What is the best format? Do you want to take the classes online or find a program that teaches in person? Do you need an instructor that teaches in a specific language?

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4. What are the instructors qualifications and what will you learn? Does the training organization provide detailed information about the qualifications of its teachers? Are the class topics and hours of training clearly communicated?

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5. Does the training organization clearly communicate its policies? Does the training organization operate as a business or a school? Are you able to understand the costs and refund policy?

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6. Does the training program provide support for its students or employment services? Are you able to contact the organization by phone and email? Does the training organization have a physical address?

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Training Approved for Certified Professional Nanny (PNCP)


Penn State Extension, Child Development Associate (CDA)

The Penn State Extension program offers a self-paced Child Development Associate (CDA) course. Extension program teams consist of a collection of educators, associates, and faculty that come together from various units when their expertise is needed.

The CDA Course meets the 120 hours of professional education required for the CDA Credential® and guides participants in how to complete the entire CDA Credential® process. The course also includes ten online mentoring tutorials and resources that will help participants to navigate through the CDA process.


Nanny Institute, Trade School

The Nanny Institute offers 7 affordable college-level training programs and certifications for nannies and sitters.

With over 30 faculty, the Nanny Institute delivers a nanny-centric curriculum with over 60 hours of online training (access 24/7). All programs include student support and job assistance with courses on resume writing, interviewing and negotiating contracts. The Professional Childcare program prepared students for the Nanny Association PNCP exam, the Newborn and Infant Care program prepares students for the NICP exam and the Intermediate Childcare program prepares students for Certified Nanny.

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Training Approved for Certified Newborn and Infant Care (NICP)

Cuidando Angeles

Cuidando Angeles

Cuidando Angeles offers newborn care training in Spanish. US Nanny Association members get 10% off a Newborn Care course.

Nanny Institute

Nanny Institute

The Nanny Institute offers 7 affordable college-level training programs and certifications for nannies, including newborn and infant care.

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Training Approved for Certified Nanny (NCP)


Join students in over 30 countries in completing courses designed specifically for nannies.

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Annual Conference

US Nanny Association hosts the annual Parent and Nanny Conference in September. Attendees get a certificate of attendance for every seminar watched. 

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Certified Nanny Review Class

This review class discusses each of the National Nanny Standards for those interested in becoming a Certified Nanny. Currently available in English only.

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Certified Professional Nanny Review Class

This review class discusses the National Nanny Standards for those interested in earning the Certified Professional Nanny. Currently available in English only.