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The US Nanny Association is operated 100% by volunteers.

Our commitment is to help nannies and families with valuable resources and tools. We donate our time and expertise to help elevate the in home childcare industry. Every $ the US Nanny Association gets is used to support, training, certification, the annual conference or our operating expenses.

Objectives & Values

Every Nanny and every Family is unique. Making it more complicated, the path to successful in-home childcare is challenging. Nannies may not have coworkers who can provide guidance. Families can’t use a standard job description. Thus, each step is customized with families and nannies relying on their peers, shared resources and past experiences. The US Nanny Association helps families navigate our industry.

Uplift the childcare community with programs, services, events and activities. Our services are chosen by active members of dedicated to nannies, parents, staffing agency owners and educators.


Promote inclusiveness and diversity in our membership, leadership, and staff. This commitment reflects our belief in the value of all childcare contributors.


Collaborate with agencies, organizations, individuals, businesses and other entities. Together, we address the competing interests of higher wages for childcare professionals and the rising cost of childcare.


Provide and share educational and informational resources. Our content and tips are based on proven childcare techniques, US laws, cultures and customs.


Strengthen the skills of childcare professionals. We believe in both training and work experience. Nannies can advance their knowledge of child development, child safety, professionalism, leadership and other skills necessary for successful employment or entrepreneurship in the childcare industry.


Amplify employer and family knowledge of childcare work standards. The National Nanny Standards create a childcare career path. These nanny standards strengthen employment rate discussions between parents and nannies.

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Each year, we support Toys for Tots as our annual fundraiser. If you are able, please donate to help children get presents this holiday season.

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