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The US Nanny Association offers resources specifically tailored to assist parents in finding the ideal nanny and ensuring high-quality childcare. These resources include access to sample nanny contracts and detailed guidelines on the hiring process. Parents can also benefit from information on mandatory reporting and expert tips for conducting effective nanny interviews.

 Joining the Association as an individual member provides significant advantages for parents who are committed to fostering a professional and secure childcare environment. Individual members can access over 150+ exclusive resources in our digital library, which are available only to members, enhancing their ability to make informed and confident childcare decisions.

Tools to help you hire a nanny…


Ultimate Guide Hire Nanny

The Ultimate Guide to Hire a Nanny is available online as a webinar series or an eBook. It has 18 chapters that provide detailed insights and tools to support every step needed to hire a nanny.


Nanny Contract Example

Download a free example nanny contract that includes the elements needed to work as a part-time, full-time, live-in, overnight nanny or a newborn and infant care professional.


Pick a Nanny Agency

There are a lot of childcare employment service providers. These tips can help you pick a reputable nanny agency and we’ll introduce you to agencies who have joined the Association.


Filing Taxes

It’s that time of year, tax time. Questions are starting to pour in from parents and nannies about filing their taxes. This article covers hot topics to help you get through the tax season.


Respectfully Reject a Nanny

There are many times that nannies apply to my agency without having the proper qualifications required, and unfortunately due to that I have no choice but to reject that nanny applicant.


Car Seat Safety

Watch this webinar by Captain Randy Chhabra of Austin-Travis Emergency Medical Services as he  shares his expertise and best practices for passenger (car seat) safety.

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Explore the US Nanny Association, where both individual and business memberships grant access to our extensive digital library, featuring over 150 webinars, articles and eBooks. These resources cover a range of topics including childcare, employment, safety, leadership and more. 

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Below is a preview of the content available in our digital library. We also publish monthly articles in English and Spanish that are free. We encourage everyone to share these free articles on social media and by email. 



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