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The US Nanny Association publishes information on certification recipients. The names and achievements are published with the certification recipients permission.

The US Nanny Association is the first nanny industry organization to certify nannies. We are revolutionizing the industry with required childcare training, CPR and First Aid and work experience. These requirements match other professional trades. This is how the US Nanny Association elevates in-home childcare providers and nannies.
Elizabeth Malson

Executive Director

There are three programs: Certified Nanny, Certified Newborn and Infant Care Professional and Certified Professional Nanny. Recipients are listed in alphabetical order by certification level. 


Certified Nanny Logo

Certified Nanny and Childcare Provider or Nanny Specialist


Kyri Allison-Maher, NCP

Sara Brenton, NCP

Jenniffer Escalante, NCP

Danielle Fogg, NCP

Katherine Hodges, NCP

Anne Kearney, NCP

Tahira McKinney, NCP

Nicole Robinson Lindsay, NCP

Danielle Taylor, NCP

Maria Versteeg, NCP

Danielle Washington, NCP


certified newborn and infant logo

Certified Newborn and Infant Care Professional or Newborn and Infant Specialist


Corina Brock, NICP

Susana Caracas, NICP

Damaris Equihua Maya, NICP

Jenniffer Escalante, NICP

Stephanie Felzenberg, NICP

Lauren Ferree, NICP

Maria Krizia Giron, NICP

Ana Lopez, NICP

Liliana Madys, NICP

Kelly D. Rodas, NICP

Adriana Rodriguez, NICP

Laura Rubio, NICP

Tania Sajche, NICP

Lillian Valladares, NICP


certified professional nanny logo

Certified Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider


Nadine Alexander, PNCP

Kaylee Auxier, PNCP

Sara Brenton, PNCP

Angela Maria Castellanos Vegas, PNCP

Greta Fiorella Del Carpio Fuentes, PNCP 

Nicole Dotson, PNCP

Tami Ellis, PNCP

Tanja Gonzalez, PNCP

Nicole Robinson Lindsay, PNCP

Jaselyn Martinez, PNCP

Katie McGuire, PNCP

Renada Sharp, PNCP

Danielle Souza, PNCP

Jessica Sweet, PNCP

Jennifer Urrabazo, PNCP

Maia Wachter, PNCP



The certification programs launched during the Fall/Winter of 2021. As nannies experience the power of these new industry credentials, they are sharing it with agency owners, parents and peers. It takes time and effort to get certified. Given the requirements, we anticipate a significant increase in graduates by 2023. The timing makes sense. Nannies are required to complete training which can take up to a year. Then, nannies must complete all the certification requirements. 


Not all certification recipients names are published. If a nanny communicates they are certified but they are not listed on this website, request they provide a copy of their certification.  Unfortunately, people are claiming they are certified when it is not true. These false claims violate the US Nanny Association Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct allows the US Nanny Association to remove nannies who misrepresent themselves from the US Nanny Association and certification programs.



The US Nanny Association is unable to provide copies of certifications to anyone but the certification recipient. Thus, this webpage is our sole communication portal for all certification information. Knowing its importance, this page is updated monthly to ensure recent graduates are added in a timely manner.



Certification recipients can request to be removed from this site at any time. However, once removed, credential recipients are not added back to the website for at least 12 months. The US Nanny Association is not staffed to repeatedly add and remove credential recipients.