Childcare Training Programs

The US Nanny Association recognizes and supports organizations and businesses working to strengthen the childcare industry. In addition to supporting the US Nanny Association with their membership fee, these partners provide resources, articles, and discounts to US Nanny Association members.


When considering a training organization, we recommend our organization members. All members, including organization members, agree to abide by the US Nanny Association's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The US Nanny Association is not responsible for the actions of these organizations.

Questions to Help You Pick a Training Program

  1. Is the training at the right level (beginner or advanced) and does it align with your goals (gain better parenting skills, earn a nanny certification or earn a Child Development Associate's degree)? If the training is for a degree (Associate or Bachelor), check the US Department of Education (ED) database to see if the school is accredited.

  2. Does the organization offer the training in the desired format (in-person or online) and language (English, Spanish)?

  3. Does the training organization clearly communicate the program, classes, duration of each class, cost, refund policy and provide company contact information (phone, email and an address)?

  4. Does the training organization provide information about the instructors and their qualifications?

  5. What type of help and support does the school offer its enrolled students? Does the training organization offer any ongoing support or employment services? Does the training organization share graduation and employment rates? Do employers hire graduates from the training organization?

Training Approved for Professional (PNCP), Newborn (NICP) and Nanny (NCP)

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US Nanny Institute

Online Nanny Trade School

Free Parent and Nanny Conference registration when you enroll in any program before June 15, 2021.

Training Approved for Newborn (NICP) and continuing education (CE)

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Cuidando Angeles  NCS

Newborn Care Training

USNA members can get 10% off Newborn Care course.

Training Approved for Nanny (NCP) and continuing education (CE)

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Hope in Parenting

Parenting Courses

USNA members get 15% off the Crap Happens Potty Training  course.

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US Nanny Association

Parent and Nanny Conference


Professional Nanny Training

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Positive Discipline Training

USNA members get 20% off the Positive Discipline for Nannies.

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