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The US Nanny Association strives to advance nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with nationally recognized standards, credentials, resources, professional development, events, and networking opportunities.

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Every Nanny and every Family is unique and the path to success can be challenging. Nannies may not have coworkers who can provide guidance and families can't use a standard job description. Each step is customized with families and nannies relying on their peers, resources, and past experiences. The US Nanny Associaton helps families, nannies and most importantly, children.

The US Nanny Association strives to advance nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with resources, events, partnerships, professional development, networking opportunities, and nationally recognized standards and credentials.

“We dedicate our lives to enriching and supporting the healthy development of children. Every day our work is fulfilling because we see the positive impact we have on children."

US Nanny Association

Objectives and Values

  • Uplift the childcare community with programs, services, events and activities chosen by our members through committees dedicated to nannies, families, employment, and education.

  • Seek and promote inclusiveness and diversity in its membership, leadership, and staff to reflect the belief of the US Nanny Association in the value of all childcare contributors.

  • Respectfully collaborate on the crisis in childcare as Nannies seek higher wages while many families struggle with increasing childcare costs.

  • Provide and share educational and informational materials and resources based on proven childcare techniques, US laws, cultures and customs.

  • Strengthen the skills of nannies and sitters by advancing their knowledge with respect to childcare, desirable work habits, leadership, accountability, and other abilities for successful employment or entrepreneurship in the childcare industry.

  • Amplify employer knowledge of childcare work standards and strengthen communication between families and nannies.

US Nanny Association

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is designed to ensure accountability, responsibility, professionalism, and trust within the US Nanny Association members and childcare community. The following applies to all members – individuals and organizations:

  • Members shall value the work and dignity of every person, pursue the truth, and engage with ethical and equal treatment of others. Members shall not make malicious or intentionally false statements.

  • Members shall not limit or impede participation in programs or events based on gender, race, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, marital status, medical condition, and/or social or family background.

  • Members are aware of the importance of maintaining the respect and confidence of one’s colleagues, parents, and other members of the community.


  • Members are aware of their obligations to faithfully adhere to confidentiality agreements, respect proprietary, copyrighted, and trademarked materials, and uphold the privacy of children.

  • Members shall maintain honesty in all professional dealings. Members shall not submit fraudulent information on documents or misrepresent their professional qualifications.

  • Members shall follow federal and state laws and regulations, including reporting child abuse.

  • Members shall make commitments and promises, implied or explicit, in good faith and shall not engage in or condone dishonest behavior with the intention of personal gain or at the expense of another.

  • Members shall directly approach those persons with whom they have a conflict or disagreement and privately and/or legally resolve disputes in a fair manner.


US Nanny Association

Members of the US Nanny Association agree to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Members of the US Nanny Association may be censured or expelled for cause. Sufficient cause for such censure or expulsion from membership shall be a violation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct or other conduct prejudicial to the interests of the US Nanny Association. Anyone found to be guilty of participating in any illegal activities will be removed from the US Nanny Association membership. The US Nanny Association indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrongdoing.


The Board of Directors shall have such authority and power as it may be necessary to adopt rules and policies relative to the procedures and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for US Nanny Association programs and membership. Censure or expulsion shall be by the affirmation action of the Director of Ethics and/or Executive Director. If expelled, members must remove all affiliation with the US Nanny Association within 10 business days after the membership is formally revoked. No portion of the membership fees will be refunded.

Anyone who has reason to believe and evidence substantiated by facts to prove that a member is conducting themselves in a manner contrary to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct can register a complaint. The US Nanny Association will pursue disciplinary action against individuals who retaliate against a person raising an ethics concern. To register a complaint, submit it privately to the Director of Ethics or any Board of Director member. Reasons to submit a complaint may include:

  • Failing to uphold the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Abuse of financial responsibility and reporting

  • Defaming the US Nanny Association

  • Other serious breaches of professional conduct


The US Nanny Association complaint management process includes an inquiry and documentation. The US Nanny Association maintains confidential files of all correspondence relating to the complaint. Only the parties involved, the Director of Ethics and/or the Executive Director are privy to the information.

Meet Our Board of Directors


The US Nanny Association Board of Directors represents the diversity in our childcare community and is comprised of professional nannies, business leaders, parents, and nanny agency owners. The Board of Director’s are volunteers and do not receive a salary or compensation for services. The Board of Director's have significant experience in the childcare industry or teaching and may be employed by or own childcare related businesses. Potential conflicts of interests are disclosed in the Board of Director biographies.

The US Nanny Association has open positions. As a new organization, we wanted to have a few seats open to broaden our leadership team. If you are interested in volunteering with the US Nanny Association, please contact us at

Mirella Alexis
Director of Advocacy, US Nanny Association

Mirella Alexis has been working with them for more than 18 years. Chicago-based, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Columbia College with honors studying Music Business Management & Marketing, as well as Early Childhood Education. She furthered her education with a Masters degree in Internet Marketing. Mirella has been a professional nanny, daycare provider, nursery attendant, camp counselor, tutor, ECE teacher (birth-2nd grade) and Newborn Care Specialist (birth-18months). She is bilingual in English and Spanish, and is trained in Child Nutrition, Positive Discipline, and baby Sign Language.

Kimberly C. Brown
Director of Family Services, US Nanny Association
Nanny Kim on the Go

For over two decades, Kimberly Brown has supported parents, by nurturing, guiding, and inspiring their children as a career nanny. She is a foster parent and an adoptive single mother. Kim obtained her Advanced Nanny Certification in 2009 from Alexandria School for Nannies, Ohio. Working with some of the industry's top placement agencies, helping train new nannies, she has solidified her career as a Newborn Care Specialist and mentor. Kim is also the owner of Nanny Kim on the Go, a parent consultant agency in Northern New Jersey.

Angela Johnson
Director of Nanny Services, US Nanny Association
The Third Parent and Ask the Nanny

Known to most families as “The Third Parent” and in the nanny community as “Ask The Nanny”, Angela Johnson Sutherland has worked professionally in the childcare industry for over 30 years as a Home Daycare Provider, Preschool Teacher, Nanny, Nanny Mentor, Baby Sign Language Instructor, New Parent Educator and more recently as a Newborn Care Specialist and Lactation Educator. Angela studied Business Administration/Accounting at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, minoring in Special Education at Prince George’s Community College.

Syma Latif
Director of Agency Services West, US Nanny Association
Bay Area Sitters

As the owner of Bay Area Sitters, Syma Latif brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as Director of Agencies, West. With a degree in International Marketing Communications from London, England and over 10 years of experience in advertising, she is able to help agencies understand the importance of branding and combining their passion for excellent, professional childcare with good business practices. Syma is dedicated to bridging effective communication gaps between agencies and nannies so that, ultimately, families throughout the US can benefit from high-quality childcare.

Emily Louange
Director of Employment Services, US Nanny Association
Via The Village

Emily Louange offers unique insights as a former nanny and a working mother who has relied on nanny care for her two young children. She is passionate about leading innovation for nannies and families. Emily is the Founder of Via The Village, a nanny-specific childcare networking platform that helps families find trusted, quality childcare with ways to make it more affordable while empowering the nanny profession by enabling ways for nannies to earn higher wages. Emily has earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a minor in Psychology from Western Michigan University.

Elizabeth Malson
Executive Director, US Nanny Association

Dedicated to supporting childcare providers and families, Elizabeth Malson is an executive leader with over 20 years in medical technology and education. Elizabeth is the Founder of Amslee Institute, an online college dedicated to nannies and sitters. Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Science from North Carolina State University, a Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina.

Stephanie McGraw
Volunteer GC and Director of Ethics, US Nanny Association
Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Stephanie McGraw is a litigator with the law firm of Shook Hardy & Bacon. She is also a mother of two boys and has extensive experience with the childcare industry. Stephanie holds a BA in Sociology from Cornell University and received her Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School. 

Heather Pentz
Director of Agency Services East, US Nanny Association
Nicole's Nannies

Heather Pentz, the owner of Nicole's Nannies, is dedicated to helping families and nannies with employment that provides fair wages, benefits and recognition of professional childcare providers. In addition to her many years of assisting families and nannies, Heather has over 10 years of experience as a nanny and a background in Childhood Education and Child Psychology. Heather is dedicated and passionate about changing the way agencies and nannies are viewed and is committed to being a part of the change within the industry.

Alisha Wiles
Director of Social Media, US Nanny Association
New Mexico Nanny and Parents, The Nanny Love, NYC Nannies

Alisha Wiles co-founded the New Mexico Nanny and Parents and has been an active administrator for The Nanny Love and NYC Nannies social groups. Alisha is a Veteran who started working with children in the hospital during her time as a Medic in Pediatrics. She later worked as an ESL teacher in Japan where she discovered her passion was nannying and newborn care. Alisha uses social media platforms to advocate for nannies, families and children. Alisha has earned her Newborn Care Specialist and is Sleep Training Certified.

Meet Our Advocates

Kim Benakovich
Nanny Know How Consulting

Kim Benakovich has over 20 years of childcare experience (18 as a professional nanny). She has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from St. Joseph's College and is a former kindergarten teacher, reading specialist, newborn care specialist, and a certified birth/postpartum doula. Kim has worked for high profile families as a nanny and house manager and enjoys working with multiples, preemies, and children with special needs. Kim is also the Nanny Expert for Via The Village, and the owner of Nanny Know How Consulting.

Susana Caracas
OC Nannies Latinas

Susana Caracas has been a Nanny for 15 years and a Postpartum Doula for 2 years, where she's had the blessing of being part of amazing families around Orange County, CA. Susy would love to inspire other nannies to educate themselves to be able to help their kids and families with more professional and better quality service. This was her motivation for creating the Facebook group "OC Nannies Latinas", which is where she focuses on promoting and helping her Spanish-speaking nanny community with available resources, classes, job offers, and professional development opportunities for nannies.

Shawn Marie Hilger

Shawn Marie Hilger has worked as a career nanny for nearly 30 years and has had the privilege to help raise children from newborn through the age of 18.  Shawn believes that there is truly no greater job than helping parents to bring up healthy, happy and well-adjusted human beings. She is also a strong believer in community and learning and growing her profession through mentoring and connecting with fellow nannies.

Matthew Lister
Advocate for Special Needs
Manny Poppins

Founder of the Southern Louisiana Nanny Association, Matthew Lister, a Registered Behavior Technician, has worked with children and families with unique needs for over 25 years. Understanding neurological and medical challenges, problem behaviors,  and unique family situations (separations, addiction recovery), Matthew will strive to ensure nannies are properly trained and have resources and support available to provide the quality care that families deserve.

Melissa Rose Mansfield

Melissa Rose Mansfield is an enthusiastic, thoughtful nanny with 15 years of experience working in various childcare settings.  Melissa is a certified Montessori teacher for birth to age 3.  After teaching early childhood for 10 years, she became a career nanny. Melissa is truly passionate about educating and caring for young children in a way that promotes independence, mindfulness and compassion. 

Delonie (Dee Dee) Morris

Delonie (Dee Dee) Morris is a bilingual (English and Spanish) nanny and Newborn Care Specialist with over 16 years of experience. She has a background in Early Childhood Education and has experience working with newborns through teenagers. Dee Dee enjoys taking continuing education courses and mentoring other nannies. She is also a mother, a worship leader, and was a professional soccer player in her native Belize.

Martha Reddick
Chronicles of Nannya

Martha Reddick has been a nanny and teaching artist in the Chicago area for over seven years. She loves working with children and is both grateful and excited to blend her love of theater and education into her day job. Martha has her Masters in Education from the University of Tennessee, and, after a brief stint in formal education, discovered nannying young children to be her passion! She loves finding new activities and adventures to engage children as they develop, and she has created a new podcast called The Chronicles of Nannya to share her ideas with other nannies.

Tatjana Srbinovska

Tatjana Srbinovska has over 5 years of experience in the nanny field and both her grandmother and mother were professional nannies. She has worked as an au pair, in-home preschool teacher, and nanny share nanny. Currently, she works as a full time nanny in the Chicago area. Tatjana’s goal is to gain maximum knowledge in the way children’s brains work, as she believes that’s the key in successful communication with children. She also dreams to be part of the nannies who fight for the nanny profession to be a respected, valued industry in the US and around the world. Her native language is Macedonian. She is also fluent in English, Spanish and Serbian language.

Carrie Zich

Carrie Zich is a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Educator, and Newborn Care Specialist. Throughout her 16 years working as a professional Nanny, Carrie has cared for children from infants to teenagers. She runs several Chicago-based nanny and NCS/Postpartum groups. She has built her career caring and advocating for children, their parents, and the professionals who care for them through mentorship, community, and continuing education. Carrie is a mentor and advocate who spends her free time volunteering and traveling all over the world..sometimes both at once.

Meet Our Social Media Team

Valarie Bridgeman
Social Media Administrator
The Nanny Love

Valarie Bridgeman has been a nanny in the Dallas area for over ten years. Valarie is an administrator for The Nanny Love and a moderator for Dallas Area Nannies social groups. Valarie uses her creativity and strong organizational skills to aid families in ensuring their busy lives run as smooth as possible. She has a passion for helping fellow nannies find the courage and strength to advocate for themselves and the nannying profession. 

Katherine Levitt
Social Media Administrator
The Nanny Love

Katherine Levitt has over nine years of experience in teaching, mentoring and being a nanny. With a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Art Education, Katherine has an intense love for learning and advocates for nannies and children. Affectionately nicknamed the “word wizard”, Katherine is able to advise nannies on the best ways to communicate with their charges and employers, encouraging them to be their best selves and assisting nannies in figuring out what is developmentally appropriate for their charges.

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