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Every Nanny and every Family is unique and the path to success can be challenging. Nannies may not have coworkers who can provide guidance and families can't use a standard job description. Each step is customized with families and nannies relying on their peers, resources, and past experiences. The US Nanny Associaton helps families, nannies and most importantly, children.

Founded in 2019, the US Nanny Association advances nanny skills and elevate the profession of childcare with resources, events, partnerships, professional development, networking opportunities, and nationally recognized standards and credentials.

“We dedicate our lives to enriching and supporting the healthy development of children. Every day our work is fulfilling because we see the positive impact we have on children."

US Nanny Association

Objectives and Values

  • Uplift the childcare community with programs, services, events and activities chosen by our members through committees dedicated to nannies, families, employment, and education.

  • Seek and promote inclusiveness and diversity in its membership, leadership, and staff to reflect the belief of the US Nanny Association in the value of all childcare contributors.

  • Collaborate with agencies, organizations, individuals, and other entities to address competing interests of higher wages for childcare professionals and the rising cost of childcare faced by families in the United States.

  • Provide and share educational and informational materials and resources based on proven childcare techniques, US laws, cultures and customs.

  • Strengthen the skills of childcare professionals by advancing their knowledge of child development, child safety, work habits, leadership, accountability, and other skills necessary for successful employment or entrepreneurship in the childcare industry.

  • Amplify employer and family knowledge of childcare work standards and strengthen communication between families and nannies.

US Nanny Association

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is designed to ensure accountability, responsibility, professionalism, and trust within the US Nanny Association members and childcare community.

The US Nanny Association welcomes and is committed to uplifting everyone in our nanny community including parents, nannies, au pairs and childcare providers. Collaborating with experts and industry leaders, the US Nanny Association brings people together to respectfully discuss challenging topics, sharing educational seminars in both English and Spanish. We also ensure our annual Parent and Nanny Conference continues conversations on important social issues including diversity, cultural relativism, inclusion and managing difficult conversations. Our professional code of conduct supports a respectful environment for everyone. If you would like to be a part of this community, we welcome you.

The following applies to all members – individuals and organizations:

  • Members shall value the work and dignity of every person, pursue the truth, and engage with ethical and equal treatment of others. Members shall not make malicious or intentionally false statements.

  • Members shall not limit or impede participation in programs or events based on gender, race, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, marital status, medical condition, and/or social or family background.

  • Members are aware of the importance of maintaining the respect and confidence of one’s colleagues, parents, and other members of the community.


  • Members are aware of their obligations to faithfully adhere to confidentiality agreements, respect proprietary, copyrighted, and trademarked materials, and uphold the privacy of children.

  • Members shall maintain honesty in all professional dealings. Members shall not submit fraudulent information on documents or misrepresent their professional qualifications.

  • Members shall follow federal and state laws and regulations, including reporting child abuse.

  • Members shall make commitments and promises, implied or explicit, in good faith and shall not engage in or condone dishonest behavior.

  • Members shall directly approach those persons with whom they have a conflict or disagreement and privately and/or legally resolve disputes in a fair and professional manner.

  • Association leadership, including but not limited to,  the Board of Directors, shall disclose all conflicts or potential conflicts of interest.


US Nanny Association
Member Management

Members of the US Nanny Association agree to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The US Nanny Association has a formal process to investigate ethics and conduct complaints.

Members of the US Nanny Association may be censured or expelled for cause. Sufficient cause for such censure or expulsion from membership shall be a violation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct or other conduct prejudicial to the interests of the US Nanny Association. Anyone found to be guilty of participating in any illegal activities will be removed from the US Nanny Association membership.


The Board of Directors shall have such authority and power as it may be necessary to adopt rules and policies relative to the procedures and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for US Nanny Association programs and membership. Censure or expulsion shall be by the affirmation action of the Director of Ethics and/or Executive Director. If expelled, members must remove all affiliation with the US Nanny Association within 10 business days after the membership is formally revoked. No portion of the membership fees will be refunded.

Anyone who has reason to believe and evidence substantiated by facts to prove that a member is conducting themselves in a manner contrary to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct may register a complaint. To register a complaint, submit it privately to the Director of Ethics. Reasons to submit a complaint may include:

  • Failing to uphold the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Abuse of financial responsibility and reporting

  • Defaming the US Nanny Association

  • Other serious breaches of professional conduct


The US Nanny Association complaint management process includes an inquiry and documentation. The US Nanny Association maintains confidential files of all correspondence relating to the complaint. Only the parties involved, the Director of Ethics, General Counsel and the Executive Director are privy to the information.

The US Nanny Association will pursue disciplinary action against individuals who retaliate against a person raising an ethics concern.

Ethic concerns and complaints can be submitted to info@usnanny.org.

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