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The Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider (PNCP) Certification is designed for is designed for nannies seeking a career in childcare and commit exclusively to a full-time position with a high net worth family, a nanny share or be employed as a supervisor in a child-centric business. Certified Professional Nannies are attractive nanny agencies as they meet the job requirements and have the specialized training desired by high net worth families and employers.

Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider (PNCP) Requirements
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Here are the requirements to earn the PNCP Certification:

  • Be at least 21 years old and have a valid form of identification issued by a state or national government which includes your legal name, photo, and birthday​

  • Have earned a high school diploma, general education diploma (GED) or equivalent secondary education

  • Have current adult and child CPR and First Aid training and certification.

  • Have completed at least 50 clock hours or 6 credit hours of post-secondary training focused on nanny, childcare and/or early childhood education. Post-secondary institutions include community colleges, trade schools, and universities licensed by the US Department of Education or accredited by an agency approved by the US Department of Education.



  • Have at least 6,000 hours (3 years) of documented, paid childcare experience.​ Documentation includes a pay stub or submitting a form completed by an employer.​

  • Pay the $299 Credential fee.​​ If you have a current NCP Credential, the PNPC upgrade fee is $145 (contact info@usnanny.org to get your discount code). Credential fees are non-refundable. The $299 credential fee is used to pay for the secure online platform to upload and house the credential documents, a person to review all the documents to ensure the credential is complete, the online hosting and proctoring of the proficiency exam, to print and ship certification, and to pay for additional expenses related to the credential program including the website and secure eCommerce checkout software.

  • Pass the PNCP proficiency exam. The PNCP proficiency exam has 200 multiple choice questions and is based on the National Nanny Standards (Nanny and Professional). You get two (2) attempts to pass the exam.

  • Optional - Not Required. For those who need training on topics listed in the National Nanny Standards, you can take the PNCP Review Class. The PNCP review class is online with 24/7 access, takes 13.5 clock hours to complete and costs $299). If you complete the course in its entirety, you will get a certification of attendance that can be used towards the NCP or continuing education training requirement. The PNCP review class does not count towards PNCP training as the US Nanny Association is not a licensed college. Review course fees are non-refundable.

To become a Certified Professional Nanny, you have to pass a proficiency exam based on the US Nanny Association National Professional Nanny Standards. The standards can be viewed and downloaded at usnanny.org. This video is a trivia game with quiz questions based on the Professional Nanny standards and certification exam.

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