Sitter or Nanny? US Nanny Association Launches Three Industry Credentials

Updated: Apr 30

Nanny industry credentials empower parents and nanny agency owners to find and hire the right childcare provider. A first for the nanny industry, US Nanny Association credentials require a high school diploma, childcare training, work experience, CPR and First Aid certifications and passing a proficiency exam based on the US National Nanny Standards.

US Nanny Association

April 13, 2021, 11:00 ET

SARASOTA, Fla., April 13, 2021/AP/ -- The US Nanny Association launched three nanny credential programs today to define the in-home childcare industry, support nanny agency employment standards, and empower parents to understand different childcare options. “The US Nanny Association credential programs reduce confusion between sitters, nannies, newborn care specialists and professional nannies”, shares Elizabeth Malson, Executive Director of the US Nanny Association. “These credential programs define a career path for nannies that parallels other professional trades.”

The US Nanny Association offers three credentials:

· Nanny and Childcare Provider (NCP)

· Newborn and Infant Care Professional (NICP)

· Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider (PNCP)

A first for the nanny industry, US Nanny Association credentials require a high school diploma or equivalent, childcare training, work experience, CPR and First Aid certification and passing a proficiency exam based on the published US National Nanny Standards. The credential requirements mirror other professional trades and align with other childcare and child education opportunities to help elevate the nanny profession. While the credential programs require a minimum number of hours of childcare training, nannies have the flexibility to take childcare classes from any reputable educator or school.

Parents and nannies value work experience, but the industry is changing. Parents are increasingly hiring nannies with formal education in early childhood development, newborn care, and positive discipline. This trend accelerated during the pandemic as parents hired teachers and nannies with eLearning facilitator skills. The US Nanny Association credentials formalize these industry norms with national standards and credentials that encourage nannies to gain addition skills beyond what they learned from their personal experiences and private employers.

The US Nanny Association credentials create a career path from sitter to nanny to professional nanny with specializations such as Newborn Care. “For most placements, I require at least 2 years of work experience which matches the Newborn and Infant Care and Professional Nanny and Childcare credential”, shares Rebecca Pearcy, owner of Windsor House Nannies in Austin, Texas. “Nannies with US Nanny Association credentials will be easier to screen and place since I know they meet our work experience requirements and are invested in their childcare careers.” US Nanny Association credentials are valid for three years and can be renewed with ongoing continuing education.

Parents hiring a nanny on their own through networking or using a job board benefit from the US Nanny Association industry credentials as nannies with training and work experience will be easier to identify. Nanny compensation varies significantly based on skills, experience and location but many nanny resumes look the same. The US Nanny Association standards and credentials provide clear definitions and designations so families can hire and pay for the skills and experiences of sitters, nannies, newborn care specialists and professional nannies.

The US Nanny Association will expand the credential program throughout 2021. To aid employment, credential recipients have the option to publish their name and credential on the US Nanny Association public website. By Fall 2021, Spanish versions of all three credential programs will be available.

About the US Nanny Association The US Nanny Association is the foremost professional membership organization supporting parents, nannies and businesses to advance the in-home childcare industry with nationally recognized standards, industry credentials, annual conferences, and local events. Learn more about the US Nanny Association at

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