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Do you want to promote your training is accepted by USNA's credential programs?

The US Nanny Association name and all logos are copyrighted. You must be an organization member to get permission from the US Nanny Association to use the US Nanny Association name and/or logos.

The US Nanny Association is committed to elevating the nanny profession to mirror other professional trades and align with child education opportunities. US Nanny Association credentials require training, work experience, First Aid and CPR and passing a proficiency exam based on the national nanny standards.

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The US Nanny Association offers three credentials

  • Nanny and Childcare Provider (NCP)

  • Newborn and Infant Care Professional (NICP)

  • Professional Nanny and Childcare Provider (PNCP)

The NCP and NICP programs require at least 20 clock hours of childcare, newborn care and/or early childhood education training from any reputable training organization. A reputable training organization provides a certificate of attendance with the business or educator's contact information, the student's name, the date of training and the amount of time dedicated to training.

The PNCP program requires at least 50 clock hours or 6 credit hours of post-secondary training focused on nanny, childcare and/or early childhood education. Post-secondary institutions include community colleges, trade schools, and universities licensed by the US Department of Education or accredited by an agency approved by the US Department of Education. The PNCP credential is designed to ensure high quality training and requires a college transcript. Investing in post-secondary (college) classes confirms the candidate completed training taught by approved and credentialed faculty and is part of an approved childcare curriculum. College classes also require a performance metric to ensure the student comprehends the material. Transcripts communicate this information as well as the organization providing the training to confirm the college or trade school complies with the US Department of Education standards (or international equivalent).

As an organization member, you can communicate your training program is accepted for the NCP, NCIP and /or PNCP programs, if the training meeting the following criteria:

  • Course is taught by a trained professional

  • Course is supported by a reputable training organization

  • Course teaches industry standards and scientifically supported information based on recommendations from government and industry experts such as the CDC and/or American Association of Pediatrics

  • Course provides a certificate of attendance with the business or educator's contact information, the student's name, the date of training and the amount of time dedicated to training.

Do you want the US Nanny Association to promote your training?

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Do you want to offer a bundle promotion with your training and a US Nanny Association credential? If you offer childcare or newborn care training and are an organization member, you can promote the training and credential together. Email for more information.

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